IXO torque setting adapter

IXO torque setting adapter
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For ultimate precision and unparalleled control

  • 10 torque preselection settings – for optimum power in every application.
  • Ideal for delicate small screws and jobs requiring precise control.
Part number: 1600A001Y5     EAN Code: 3165140776264

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Gluey Gluey
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IXO 6 Set IXO 6 Set
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AL 1880 CV AL 1880 CV
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Bosch IXO torque setting adapter

The IXO torque setting adapter expands the possibilities of working with and in delicate material, providing surgeon-like precision and fingertip control in minute jobs. Gentle on small screws and plastic parts or softwood, it is ideal for small assembly tasks such as model making or working on computer parts.



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