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Belt Sander

PBS 75 A

Highly efficient sanding with high comfort

  • Effective sanding – powerful 710 W motor delivers a high material removal rate
  • Manageability – compact with removable auxiliary handle for optimal handling
  • Convenient – automatic belt system keeps belt centred during operation
  • Microfilter System box reduces dust for a cleaner working area
  • Ideal for sanding larger flat areas on a range of materials from wood to metal

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Texoro Texoro
€99.99 *
Zamo Zamo
€59.99 *
Zamo Set Zamo Set
€99.99 *
EasyPrune EasyPrune
€89.99 *
Gluey Gluey
€34.99 *
€54.99 *
GlassVAC Set GlassVAC Set
€79.99 *
Ixolino Ixolino
€15.00 *
Atino Atino
€49.99 *
IXO 6 Set IXO 6 Set
€79.99 *

Comfortable sanding and a high removal rate for larger flat surfaces

Tackle tough sanding projects with the PBS 75 A belt sander and enjoy comfortable handling with highly effective material removal. Its powerful 710 W motor delivers fast progress on larger flat surfaces. Experience ideal handling thanks to a removable auxiliary handle. Belts are easily changed and the automatic belt system keeps them centred during operation. Perfect for preparation or restoration tasks, it is suitable for use on a wide range of materials from wood to metal including removing paint and varnish. A Microfilter System box reduces dust and aluminium components provide robustness.



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