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Window vacuums

GlassVAC Set

Keep the house spotless with Bosch's windscreen wiper for the home

  • Bosch Automotive rubber coating provides a smooth glide for fast results
  • Compact design for easier handling, even in confined spaces
  • Complete a wider range of applications with even more optional accessories
  • Ideal for cleaning windows, mirrors, tiles, showers, and vacuuming up spillages
  • Cleans up to 35 windows on one charge

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From dirty glass to condensation, tackle even more applications with the GlassVAC

Enjoy the impressive Bosch windscreen wiper for the home. This cordless window vacuum utilises existing Bosch expertise from the automotive sector. The patented "power protection plus" rubber coating ensures streak-free results and quicker cleaning time, without any annoying, squeaking sounds. Its compact design makes handling easier, to tackle even those confined spaces. It is designed for cleaning both home and car windows, mirrors, tiles, condensation, showers, and spillages. The GlassVAC has a battery runtime of 30 minutes – plenty of time for cleaning up to 35 windows or a 105 m² area.



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9 Sep 2021

Very good

Very good item,cleans windows/mirtors very vell.Easy to use,last long after the charging

18 Aug 2021

Nice design, handy but result not as good as doing it yourseld

I like the design and accessoires of the Glass vac set. I took me a close look at the manual and a first try and then you completely understand how it works and how you should use it. With the two sizes to get the window clean and suck teh water it is also very handy. It is a tool you easily grab (faster then when you walk around the house with a sponse and bucket of water). So that is a plus. However, in the first use the sponse wipes (microvezel) leave little pieces of the fabric behind on your windows. And when sucking the water I noticed I lefted stripes on the window. This does not happen when I clean my windows in the old fashioned way. So I prefer to do it that way.
I noticed that there also is a cleaning supply available from Bosch itself. Maybe that would work better than the combination of water and ammonia I now used (and also use when I am cleaning my windows the old fashioned way).

17 Aug 2021

Very good

Glasvac nice,light gadget to clean your windows,showers,mirror.Easy in operation,cleans nicely,do not leave marks.Made my task way easier.

16 Aug 2021

Very good!

The glasvac is very handy and easy to use tool.Helps to clean your windows,shower cabin,mirrors very effectively.Has big abd small attachements for different size spaces.

16 Aug 2021

Not good

it leaves a lot of streaks on your window

15 Aug 2021

What a great solution

Vandaag heb ik de Bosch GlassVAC set gebruikt en wat een gemak! Een klusje wat me normaal mee en dan 2 uur kost, nu binnen een uurtje klaar. Beetje water en een druppel afwasmiddel, poetsen en afnemen met de elektronische, draadloze trekker! Super!#bosch #DIYwithBosch #Dailyhelpers #homeandgarden

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