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Robotic lawnmower


Connected Robotic lawnmower for gardens up to 700 m²

  • Why cut randomly, when you can cut intelligently? Indego M+ 700 with LogiCut is intelligent. It knows where it has been and where it has to go.
  • Connected capability means you can manage your Indego remotely, using the Smart Gardening App to optimise your mowing.
  • Indego M+ 700 starts every full lawn mowing session with a BorderCut, ensuring a neat finish, right up to the edge of your defined lawn area. You can manually turn it off or reduce the frequency to every other full cut.
  • Mow more lawn areas (up to 700 m2) with MultiArea and narrow passage handling (75 cm between wires).

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Indego M+ 700 with LogiCut and Connected capability means you can spend more undisturbed time in your garden.

The intelligent and autonomous Indego M+ 700 robotic lawnmower is the ideal solution for effortlessly beautiful lawns. After an easy one-time installation, Indego is ready to mow the lawn for you. LogiCut intelligent navigation calculates the most efficient mowing route saving time and energy. Connected technology and voice control makes it quick and easy to manage Indego from wherever you are.

Technical details for Indego M+ 700

Battery type‍
Battery charge time / run time‍
60 min / 75 min‍
Battery exchangeable / replaceable‍
no / yes‍
7,6 kg‍
40 cm/sec‍
Battery voltage‍
18 V‍
Recommended lawn area‍
up to 700 m²‍
Width / Height of cut‍
19 cm / 30-50 mm‍
Height-of-cut settings‍
Max. slope‍
27 %‍

Scope of supply for Indego M+ 700

Docking station‍
Order number‍
Docking station screws with hex key‍
F 016 800 468‍



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31 Aug 2021

Indego heeft een ernstig conceptueel probleem

Het concept van de Indego is zo slecht dat je om de twee dagen de robot dient te reinigen. Gras hoopt zich zo snel op in de maaizone dat de robot stopt. In de docking-station is er probleem met de conatcten die snel vervuilen en dan helemaal geen opladen van de robot meer mogelijk maakt. Kortom dit is een robot die niet te gebruiken is!!! Nooit meer doen... Ik heb nochtans zéér veel Bosch producten waarvan ik zéér tevreden ben. Maar dit is een complete miskleun.

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