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Cordless Rainwater Pump

GardenPump 18 - without battery

Faster garden watering from a rainwater tank

  • Suitable for a wide range of open-top rainwater tanks and those covered with safety lids
  • Wall and tank attachments included for a range of rainwater tank locations
  • Timer function with three settings for use with sprinklers and irrigation systems
  • Powerful operation up to 25 metres, ideal for most gardens
  • Strong flow and spray projection for hard-to-reach plants and light cleaning tasks
  • Compatible with the 18V Power for ALL Home & Garden device system
  • Delivery without battery and charger

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AL 1880 CV AL 1880 CV
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EasyPump EasyPump
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Gluey Gluey
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EasyPump EasyPump
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Gluey Gluey
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GlassVAC Set GlassVAC Set
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EasyPrune EasyPrune
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AL 1880 CV AL 1880 CV
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Atino Atino
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Natural garden care with rainwater – sustainable, easy, and quick for more enjoyable work

Good for the environment and better for plants – the cordless GardenPump 18 works easily with all styles of garden rainwater tanks and provides faster and more effective watering around the garden. Start by setting up the Battery Control Unit, which can be conveniently hooked right onto the tank or attached to the wall. Then simply submerge the Rainwater Pump in the tank. Next, attach a garden hose, up to 25 m long, and spray gun. This Rainwater Pump is perfect for natural and more enjoyable watering of flower beds and fruit and vegetables, or pots and planters. For perfectly green lawns, use this tool's timer function and anti-siphoning connector with sprinkler and irrigation systems.

Technical details for GardenPump 18

Battery voltage‍
18 V‍
Connecting hose length‍
2.5 m‍
2.2 kg‍
Tool dimensions (L x W x H):‍
125 x 115 x 195 mm‍
Flow rate, max.‍
2000 l/h‍
Charging time, max.‍
120 min‍
Run time, max.‍
30 min‍

Scope of supply for GardenPump 18

Battery Control Unit‍
Connecting Hose, 2.5 m‍
Tank Attachment‍
Order number‍
Rainwater Pump‍
Hose Guide‍
Wall Attachment‍
EAN-Code: ‍



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1 Sep 2021

Het doet wat het moet doen

Dit apparaat doet wat hij moet doen! Wij gebruiken het om water uit de sloot te pompen naar onze sproeier en daarmee het gazon water te geven. De batterij is handig in gebruik en het apparaat is goed op te hangen. Wij gebruiken een emmer, zodat er geen vuil uit de sloot in het filter komt. Erg blij mee!

26 Aug 2021

Very Nice gardenpump

We have a rain barrel at a lower part of the garden. With the gardenpump I can spray the garden electric. This saves a lot of walks to the rain barrel. The gardenpump has enough presure to get the water over a distance of 15 meter with a height of 2 meter. I'm very happy with this gardenpump. It's very easy to install the gardenpump.

19 Aug 2021

Nice small pump for use with rain barrels

Nice little pump with long cord for use in almost every rain barrel. Nice, small box for placing the battery that can be attached almost anywhere with two different holders. The pump comes with a Gardena connection for the hose, but a small hose is also included. Thanks to the separately rechargeable batteries, you always have power available for your pump (or for one of the other Bosch Powertools that work with the same batteries). A great pump, which is also handy to use!

16 Aug 2021

Powerfull, small, versatile

Very powerful pump for its size and on 18 volt battery.
Is easy and quick to install in the rain barrel.
The main unit can be mounted on the wall with a wall plate (included) or directly to the barrel with the supplied bracket.
There is a manual on/off button as well, as a 5/10/15 minute timer for a watering system or sprinkler.
I also use this pump to empty the swimming pool in the summer.
Filter cap is easily removable for cleaning.
And the pump is easy to take away for winter storage.
The anti siphon option is nice and works well, but is secured with a rubber cap, (press-fit) behind this is a steel ball, which is easy to lose. (Pay attention to this when removing this cap.
Otherwise a very nice pump, which fills a watering can in no time.
or spray your garden with an additional hose right away.

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