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Cordless grass trimmer

UniversalGrassCut 18 - without battery

Intelligently designed for natural and comfortable garden work

  • Ergonomically designed V-shape handle for a comfortable working posture
  • IntelliFEED automatically feeds the spool line for uninterrupted work
  • Versatile head enables hands-free head tilt and edging adjustments
  • Grass and weed cutting, lawn trimming and edging
  • Powerful enough to trim the edges of eight tennis courts in one charge
  • Compatible with the 18V Power for ALL Home & Garden device system
  • Delivery without battery and charger

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AL 1880 CV AL 1880 CV
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AL 1880 CV AL 1880 CV
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back in stock soon
Gluey Gluey
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EasyPump EasyPump
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GlassVAC Set GlassVAC Set
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Texoro Texoro
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Putting the joy of gardening back in your hands

Designed for effortless lawn work, the UniversalGrassCut 18 features an ergonomic V-shaped handle with a telescopic height adjustment for comfortable handling with a natural posture. The IntelliFEED function automatically feeds the spool line, eliminating stops, bending, and bumping. The versatile head rotates through a foot pedal button and handle twist, for easily switching from trimming to edging. Its plant protector feature gently shields flowers when working around flowerbeds. With fully charged battery, the trimmer can cut the edges of eight tennis courts in one go.



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9 Sep 2021

Easy and quick!

Easy to use mower, lightweight and fits comfortably. The mower can be ajusted in height, I am ~1,96m and this mower is even for me usable! No back pain :-).
The battery (2.5A) which I have used will last for more than en hour, more than enough time to trim the edges!
One thing which is very strange, you can slide in the lower tube so the mower can be stored easilly but there is no lock when fully slided in so when you pickup the mower the tube with motor slides out.. But that is the only negative point I have bout this machine!

7 Sep 2021

Feels cheap, cuts like a champ

Feels cheap and telescopic arm does not work properly. Never theless cuts like a champ and gives a great result.

7 Sep 2021

Easy and quick!

Very very usefull device! No cord which you allways have to be carefull for. I grap this tool much more than a corded cutter because of the accu. Accu (2.5A) is working for more than an hour allready!

I highly recomend this product in the Bosch ALL 18 serie!

27 Aug 2021

Useable tool, great in your garden

Lightweigthed, easy to use and a perfect cut. I do my pretty large garden with 1 charged battery.

23 Aug 2021

Powerful and ergonomic grass trimmer

The thing that immediately surprised me positively while unboxing the device was the fact that Bosch used no plastics as packaging material.

The machine works very easily because of the good ergonometric design. The length of the handle is adjustable and during working the battery rests against your forearm which creates a position in which I could easily work the whole garden in one go. This is a big difference with other machines which you operate with only one hand, or that have the second handle somewhere in the middle of the main stem.

While using I was surprised by the power of the grass trimmer. The machine even cut down higher nettle easily. The “wheel” makes sure you can cut around objects without damaging them or the cutting wire. Also the wheel makes it easier to cut nice lines vertically. You do not need to keep the machine on the current height from the lawn manually. However, in this vertical cutting position I was struggling a bit to position the machine while maintaining a natural position myself.

After you are finished mowing the machine is easily cleaned and folded into a small package that is easy to store.

The only thing I missed a bit on the device was a battery indicator. The battery was not yet empty after I finished the whole garden (+/- 45 minutes or operating), so that is pretty good. However, it would be nice if you were able to check battery capacity on all your Bosch 18v devices before starting your job.

All in all a grass trimmer that I would definitely recommend.

Positive points: Ergonomic design, Power, Compact size for storage
Improvement point: Battery indicator

22 Aug 2021

Ergonomic flexibel wireless trimmer

After using grass shears and a weed brush for lawn edges, stepping stones and weeds, I decided to take a look at an electric grass trimmer. Given my experiences with Bosch Blue and Green, I finally opted for this UniversalGrassCut. The UniversalGrassCut comes with an automatic cartridge, cutting cover and spacer wheel for safety. With the distance wheel you keep enough distance not to hit other plants and thus damage them.

The device is quite easy to operate by means of the available buttons. For example, you can use the buttons to unscrew the extra handle for more grip and stability, set the desired length (I am 1.90 m) and set the angle of the mower in 3 positions to make it easier to mow horizontally and vertically.

I have been able to use it without hearing protection and consider it necessary. In addition, of course, be careful with the mowing head. Some skill is also required, because with tiles you quickly scrape against it with the lid of the cartridge.

The flexibility of working without wire is a must for me, this goes for almost all the power tools I buy. However, until now I can
not yet indicate how long the battery (2.5 Ah) will last because it is still not empty after mowing our small garden. However, I have positive experiences with other 18v ​​Bosch devices.

Do you want to mow electrically or work by hand? Standing comfortably or on your knees? I know. All in all, I am positively surprised and I definitely recommend this product despite the high price.

18 Aug 2021

Works nice and light for grasses, less for brushes.

This is a nice tool for normal grass and weeds, for the stronger weeds it is not sufficient. It can not be compared with a brushcutter. It is light and easy to handle, the head is easy adjustable. The automatic linefeed is not working as I had hoped and it is a bit short for lang person (1.90m). Batterylife is good, about 1 hour and recharging goes fast.

15 Aug 2021

Great but need a new spool

It's great. Only thing is, I bought it a couple of months ago via the Bosch DIY website and now I need a new Spool (6m). Why can't I order this here or where should I buy it?

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