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Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Bosch BCS1000 Unlimited Series 8 - without battery

The Unlimited Serie 8 – the permanent performer.

  • Intensive cleaning: AllFloor HighPower Brush and DigitalSpin Motor let you clean on all kinds of floors.
  • Cleaning on all levels: multiple accessories clean all dirt from the floor to the ceiling and even in your car.
  • Cartridge filter system: the exhaust air is cleaner than the air you breathe thanks to 99,9% filtration.**
  • POWER FOR ALL: the separately sold battery pack is part of the Bosch Home & Garden 18 V-System.
  • Delivery without battery and charger

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Gluey Gluey
€34.99 *
€54.99 *
AL 1880 CV AL 1880 CV
€79.99 *
Texoro Texoro
€99.99 *
Zamo Set Zamo Set
€99.99 *
PBS 75 A PBS 75 A
€130.00 *

The Unlimited Serie 8 – the permanent performer.

  • The Unlimited bare tool: Usable with all 18V Power for ALL batteries from the green product line.
  • DigitalSpin Motor: high performance, long life, no emission and lightweight.
  • AllFloor HighPower Brush: one electrical nozzle for intense cleaning of all floors.
  • Lifetime filter material: cartridge filter with Pure Air membrane and hygienic filter for clean exhaust air.
  • RotationClean: fast and easy filter cleaning – no filter washing needed.
  • Easy maintenance: hassle-free removal and emptying of the dust box.
  • EasyClean Brush: easy to remove, clean and refit brush roll.
  • Compatible with the 18V Power for ALL Home & Garden device system
  • Delivery without battery and charger



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