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Cordless Two-speed Combi

AdvancedImpact 18 - without battery

Incredibly simple-to-use impact driver offers extensive versatility

  • Intuitive selection modes and automatic gear changes match each application
  • Switch system provides one-click direction change with an indicator LED light
  • Easily switch between magnetic cap for screwdriving and drill chuck for drilling
  • Powerful, compact and enduring thanks to brushless motor
  • Screwdriving; drilling in wood and metal; impact drilling in brick and limestone
  • Compatible with the 18V Power for ALL Home & Garden device system
  • Delivery without battery and charger

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Cordless AdvancedImpact 18 with intuitive user interface for amazingly easy use

This cordless impact driver is exceptionally intuitive and highly versatile. Choosing the desired mode for automatically matching gears to screwdriving, drilling or impact drilling is easy. The rotation direction can be changed with one simple click due to the innovative electronic switch system with an indicator LED light. Its brushless motor delivers power, compactness and endurance. A magnetic cap for screwdriving and a 13-mm chuck for drilling make changing between applications even more simple. The AdvancedImpact 18 allows for tackling a variety of jobs in wood, plastics, brick, limestone and metal.



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29 Aug 2021

Nice product, good quality

A very good product from a well-known brand with a good reputation. What I find particularly interesting about this drill is that it has an impact drill function. I also tried this in my concrete ceiling, but I noticed that the drill had some trouble with that. This may also have been due to the drill, because this was a masonry drill that is also somewhat slippery (which caused the drill to slip earlier). Otherwise satisfied with the drill, it does what it has to do.

27 Aug 2021

Good product with new features

I have this product now a couple of weeks. I tried all of his functions. Main purpose is drilling. For screwing this is not the best size. I prefer my more compact and lightweight bosch PBA 10.8. But when you need to srew al lot this 18v has a much better endurance. The drilling is awesome. As said earlyer by other reviews the touch buttons for changing the direction is nice but it takes some time to get used to it. I like the feature on the cover of the screw holder that you can set in 2 different positions. That prevents screwing the screws to far. No problem with the standard drilling in wood no matter which size. Also drilling bigger wholes with a special dril works perfect.
The drilling in stone on the hammer functions works just fine. Don't expect to drill in hard concreet but that is not what this Advanced Impact is built for. In regular stone it goes in very smooth.
The drill head is exchangeable and that is very easy in use. You can buy other drill heads for more difficult places. I can't wait to try them.
I would recommend this Bosch AdvancedImpact to everyone!!

19 Aug 2021

Handig en compact

handig in gebruik
hoge kwaliteit
ongewenst linksom/rechtsom schakelen
Handige tool! Snel de boorkop eraf en bitje erin, het kan allemaal! De accu houdt het goed vol, en uitwisselbaarheid met andere 18v apparaten zoals mijn heggenschaar en kluslamp maken het erg handig.
Het knopje voor linksom of rechtsom draaien is wel even wennen na 20 jaar klussen met een schakelknop, maar is daarna erg fijn in bediening. Wel had ik een keer dat ik bij het klopboren heel veel moeite had, bleek dat ie weer in achteruit was getikt, dat zie je aan de pijltjes bovenop het apparaat, opletten dus!
Toerental gaat heel gedoseerd, van super langzaam naar erg snel. Ook grotere gaten (10mm) zijn geen probleem voor de boormachine!
Gaten in muur boren met 5mm wil prima, met 8mm had ik toch wel moeite, zeker op een ladden waarbij je zelf weinig kracht kan zetten. Dan merk je toch het verschil tussen een klopboor en een boorhamer.
Tot nu toe tevreden! En klopboren zonder stroomkabel is ook erg handig, net als het led lampje die op de boorkop schijnt zodra je de knop bedient. TIjdens een klus onder de vloer een stuk of 30 gaten geboord met dezelfde accu, erg fijn om daar zonder stroomkabel aan de slag te kunnen.
Mijn makita 14,4v was prima, maar die is nu met pensioen :)

18 Aug 2021

Love my new powerdrill!

Since my previous powerdrill started to wear down, i needed a new one. The AdvancedImpact 18 caught my eye. Especially since i own multiple Bosch machines with a 18v battery.
I have used the machine for a while now, and i like it. First of all, it looks compact, and simple. Maybe even a bit too dummy-proof with its icons. Anyway, the machine, more compact and instead of the switch you had to push in or out, they implemented a toggle-like switch. Love this new feature.
The machine feels sturdy and is easy to handle. I am actually quite happy with most of my Bosch machines.
What i also like is that they combined a drill with a powerscrew in this device. Which you can easily switch between. The only thing i would recommend, is to buy a toolbox. Because this powerdrill doesn't come with one, but it has accessoiries like a different head you would like to keep with the machine.
All in all, i would recommend the Advanced Impact. It combines 2 machines, you can use the battery on several devices (if you own any other Bosch machines), it is simple to use, and feels sturdy!

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