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Cordless NanoBlade Saw

EasyCut 12 - without battery

Effortless, freehand cuts – at home or in the garden

  • NanoBlade technology offers easy, vibration-free sawing
  • Maintenance-free use of saw blades: no oiling, sharpening, or tensioning
  • SDS enables quick and easy keyless saw blade changes
  • Easy freehand sawing in wood, wood-based materials and plastics
  • Cordless mobility offers freedom of movement; hanging loop for simple storage
  • Compatible with the 12V POWER FOR ALL Home & Garden device system
  • Delivery without battery and charger

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The EasyCut 12 NanoBlade saw makes sawing easier than ever before

Designed for use with NanoBlades, enabling easy and vibration-free cuts, these saw blades can be used without oiling, sharpening, or tensioning. This tool is made for freehand, straight, and short cuts at home or outdoors in wood and plastics up to 65 mm. Equipped with SDS, it enables quick and easy keyless saw blade changes. Offering cordless mobility, this tool also includes a hanging loop for simple storage.



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3 Apr 2021

Handy, easy, fragile

Found this when searching for a jigsaw. Not having to drill a hole before starting to cut and the abillity to take down wrist-thick branches with ease, made it an easy choice.
Cutting on a line is rather difficult, because the sawdust gets thrown back and covers the line and the notch; so for precision you need good lungs or an air compressor...
My only reason to not recommand this is the combination of a very short lifetime of the blades, and their price.
For cutting down 1 bush, for cutting a hole in my door (for dog), and for adjusting some woodwork it took 4 blades... (at +/- €37 a piece) had a small one, a larger one and twoo speed blades and 3 out of 4 lost the little sprocket in front.
Therefore i No longer use it, and am looking for a more durable cutting device.

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